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JAN 29th - FEB 6th


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Beat the Beer Rep at Mario Kart with Griffin Claw Brewing at LFG Gaming Bar

Dec 31, 1969 (Expired)
2:53 pm
LFG Gaming Bar
116 Portage Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007 (269) 365-0112
Cost: varies
Contact & More Info
Contact: James Wright
Phone: 269-720-8550

Beer Types: Juicy Juicy Haze Haze , Soupy C , Wheat Beers
Event Type: Trivia/Game
Event Venue: LFG Gaming Bar

It's time to dust off the Nintendo 64 and play some Mario Kart. See if you can take down Mr. Tim and win a prize. A great selection of Griffin Claw beers will be available along with the launch of Juicy Juicy Haze Haze. In addition we will have 3 Mario Kart Cocktails made with Griffin Claw Selzters!