Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week

JAN 29th - FEB 6th


Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week

Kalamazoo Craft Beverage Week is a weeklong series of events that celebrate the craft beverage industry. This celebration is for anyone who shares a passion and an affinity for hand-crafted products, made by people who care about an enriching experience and carefully fashioned flavor profiles. 

Patrons will meet the brewers, distillers, or winemakers themselves, learn about what it takes to develop these kinds of intricate, highly desired products, and hopefully achieve a greater sense of the craft beverage industry.

Specific events and specials will be posted here by early January 2022.

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Check back often! Events will be added to the calendar daily leading up to and during beer week to help you plan your route.


Give a Craft® Beer Trail

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Please be responsible about your consumption, have a designated driver, take Uber or call a taxi.


Add Your Event

Are you are brewery that is interested in partnering with a host location for KBW? Are you a restaurant or retailer in Kalamazoo that is interested in hosting a brewer? You came to the right place